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Fams is a purpose-led parenting assistant aimed at enhancing emotional bonds with children and aiding parents in their roles through dialogue.


Collabwriting was created to make online research collaborative, efficient, and traceable. It’s easy to share, comment, and collaborate anywhere online with anyone you’re working with.


Gotiva is led by Sebastian Szczygiel, formerly co-founder of Huuuge Games, one of the biggest mobile gaming successes of the CEE region.

The company has developed a mobile app called Jigsaw Puzzle Universe that enables content creators to distribute digital images and earn money from revenue generated as users engage with the images in the form of jigsaw puzzles. 


Studio specialised in games with style and substance.


Workee is a California-based startup with Ukrainian roots aiming to create the Future of Work for freelancers worldwide. Company started with private tutors as the most active audience and will extend to other professionals as the next steps. Today they help private tutors in the US to build their business and overcome marketplaces, work directly with students, and manage a back office routine. Personal website is built automatically, booking system and payments allow tutors to get booked without fees. Accounting and work management help to manage their business in one place – paperless.

Masthead Data

Masthead Data is a real-time data reliability solution that detects anomalies in the data warehouse to ensure high-quality data for decision-makers.

Unlike traditional data observability solutions, Masthead does not compromise on clients’ data privacy and security. Their platform observes data pipelines and table health in real time via logs without accessing clients’ data directly (i.e. does not require a database connection). Thanks to this technique, the company’s software is also easier to integrate than competitors that require database connections.


Hyperjob’s talent attraction platform leverages marketing know-how to optimize candidate engagement and help companies secure top talent in a competitive market.

Hyperjob combines a full-scale candidate relationship management (CRM) system with irresistible job ads to boost candidate conversion rates by up to 600% and save recruiters more than 50% time on outreach when recruiting candidates directly.


Finmap provides cash-flow management tool that eliminates chaos in SMEs finances and helps them be more profitable.


57hours is a booking platform for outdoor enthusiasts. Company connect people with local certified guides around the globe and cover everything from backpacking trips in Nepal, mountain biking on Croatian islands, skiing in Japan to single-day hikes, rock climbs or backcountry skiing.


Software platform that allows anyone create A.I. plugins in minutes that can read messages, documents, emails and write data to your tools and free time for meaningful tasks.

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