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Send us your deck

Can someone introduce you?

Before you send us a deck… have a think. Perhaps you know someone that we also know and trust? If so, a good introduction is always the best way to reach out versus a cold email. We value intros from fellow entrepreneurs (bonus if they are our portfolio founder), former employers or good VCs.

No intro? No problem!

Intro helps but a good clean cold e-mail will do to get us interested. This is how to best reach out to us if you’re going with a cold e-mail:

  • Make it short – max 3 paragraphs
  • Grabs our attention – write the most amazing thing about your business first!
  • Tell us who you are and why you are relevant.
  • Tell us what you are working on.
  • Tell us how we can help.
  • Attach a deck in PDF
  • Again, make it short!

What makes a quality deck?

  • make the deck super clean – unless you’re a designer, go for simplicity, not being fancy, content is key here
  • cover the key areas:
    • Team – most important part!
    • Problem & Solution
    • Why now?
    • Traction & Key Metrics – actual, not planned
    • Market Size – actual value in dollars per year
    • Initial business model
  • help us understand the industry at a glance & don’t make us think and you’ll be good.